SymbiO-derm SymbiOx has developed a photosynthetic scaffold technology Photosynthesis A natural and reliable source of Oxygen Oxygen The focalized Oxygen provided by the Photosynthesis is a prerequisite for successful wound healing due Nature Can we behave like Plantimal? Medical needs that lack oxygen:
• Stroke
• Tumors
• Organ transplantation
• Wound healing
Homo photosyntheticus


A novel approach for tissue regeneration

At SymbiOx, we’re working on something amazing. Our in-situ oxygenation technology brings a new technological solution for the improved regeneration of wounds, increased procured organ lifespan, and multiple other applications where oxygen deprivation represents a clinical problem.

Likewise, our platforms allows production and delivery of desired pro-regeneration molecules directly where they are needed.

Problem and need
Chronic wounds can lead to serious infections, gangrene, and in the worst cases amputation.
Potential customers
Our wound patients (end users), that suffer from chronic wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, or bedsores.
A growing market
Demographic factors such as aging, diabetes, and obesity contribute to rapid market growth.
Value Added
We create value by enabling healthcare professionals to manage variouse wound etiologies with fewer resources.

SymbiOx Executive Summary

Impact Business opportunity

US$ 2 billions/year

Clear medical need & drivers

Higher diabetes & obesity incidence + population aging.

Innovative products

(IP granted)

Clinical stage development

(oxygen to regenerate chronic
wounds, organ transplant &
Radiation therapy)


Renowned scientist, medical & business leaders in the field

Platform Technology

Complementary with actual solutions

Positive regulatory indicators

(FDA compliant)

Encouraging market indicators

Licensing or M&A


A Prerequisite for Wound Healing

Our partners

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