A growing market

Demographic factors such as aging, diabetes, and obesity contribute to rapid market growth.

A novel approach for tissue regeneration

At SymbiOx, we’re working on something amazing. Our in-situ oxygenation technology brings a new technological solution for the improved regeneration of wounds, increased procured organ lifespan, and multiple other applications where oxygen deprivation represents a clinical problem.

Likewise, our platforms allows production and delivery of desired pro-regeneration molecules directly where they are needed.


A natural and reliable source of oxygen


SymbiOx has developed a photosynthetic scaffold technology (SymbiO-Derm) that provides physicians with next-generation tools for the treatment, functional restoration, and healing of damaged or diseased tissues.

Our photosynthetic scaffold increases wound vascularization and recovery. The photosynthetic scaffold helps fibroblasts infiltrate and heal the wound.

Oxygen role in wound healing


The focalized Oxygen provided by the Photosynthesis is a prerequisite for successful wound healing due to the increased demand for reparative processes such as cell proliferation, bacterial defense, angiogenesis and collagen synthesis.

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