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Our solution for Oxygen delivery in severe wounds treatment, based on a Dermal Regeneration Photosynthetic Matrix (DRPM). The device allows for the treatment of full-thickness skin wounds. This device can be customized for in-situproduction of pro-regeneration molecules.

Illumination device

Specifically designed for the SymbiO-Derm treated patients, the illumination device allows the direct stimulation of the DRPM with blue-LED technology, to achieve in-situ Oxygen delivery. Its thin and flexible design allows to comfortably wrap the treated area, for an optimized blue light delivery.

Photosynthetic hydrogel

Hydrogel designed for partial-thickness wounds, with mechanical properties that allows its use in different wound locations and ambulatory use. Will have the same Oxygen-production and customizable properties of SymbiO-Derm. Currently in development.

Decellularized scaffold

Development of our own collagen scaffold for the production of SymbiO-Derm. This will allow us to reduce the cost of the DRPM and have a 100% independent fabrication. Currently in Development.

Transplant organs preservation

Technology based on perfussion of procured organ that improves the lifespan and quality of organs before transplantation. The internal oxygenation of the procured organ significantly extends its viability, allowing a higher chance of transplant success.

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Photosymbiosis for Biomedical Applications

Development of photosynthetic biomaterials for in vitro tissue engineering

Generation of Viable Plant-Vertebrate Chimeras

Acta biomaterialia

Photosynthetic biomaterials: A pathway towards autotrophic tissue engineering

Development of photosynthetic sutures for the local delivery of oxygen and recombinant growth factors in wounds

Towards autotrophic tissue engineering: Photosynthetic gene therapy for regeneration

Towards a biotechnological platform for the production of human pro-angiogenic growth factors in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Research and Production Facility

SymbiOx Ltda has more than 30 m2 of fully equipped laboratories for the in-vitro analysis, microalgae cultivation and production of the photosynthetic wound dressings.

Our facility includes a microscopy unit, autoclaving and material sterilization system, laminar flow hood, cryopreservation unit, bioreactors for the growth and cultivation of microalgae and CO2 incubators for animal cells.

We are strategically located in the innovation ecosystem of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which facilitates interdisciplinary work with different actors of the R & D process.