We all have a role to play in leading the firm’s future growth. We believe that diverse teams with complementary strengths are critical to our success. Explore our teams below to discover an opportunity that’s right for you.

Anil Sadarangani(PhD & MBA)


With experience in business development in the regenerative medicine biotechnology industry, Anil has lead and managed functional teams from preclinical and translational research and has a broad-based understanding of overall drug discovery and development from preclinical discoveries to market.

Tomás Egaña (PhD)


With a PhD in Pharmacology and a PhD in Human Biology, Tomás has broad experience inRegenerative Medicine and Biomaterials. He is the inventor of SymbiOx technologies and leads the research area of the company.

Andrés Völker (MBA)


With extensive experience in the development of new markets and new products, pricing products based on relevant information of each market and business line, development and implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns, and finance and administration.

Catalina Valencia


With extensive experience working with start-ups in the strategic development of businessesand products, management of intellectual property portfolios and structuring and negotiation of complex transactions, Catalina was Senior Counsel for Genentech, the Biotech pioneer, during the early phase of research and development and expansion.

R&D Team

Rocío Corrales O., MSc.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. MSc in Science and Materials Engineering, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Felipe Carvajal D., PhD.
Biochemist, Universidad Católica de Chile. PhD in Biological Sciences, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Universidad Católica de Chile.
Marianne Brenet R., PhD.
Biochemist, Universidad Austral de Chile. PhD in Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Universidad Austral de Chile.

Clinical Team

Consuelo Werner
Universidad Andrés Bello.
Juan Pablo Camacho, MD.
Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Fellow, Universidad de Chile. Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Department, Hospital del Salvador.
Miguel Obaid, MD.
General surgeon, Universidad de Chile. MSc in Biomedical Sciences and Morphology, U. de Chile. Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Department, Hospital del Salvador.