Proprietary Technology

Photosynthetic Tissue Engineering

Our solution for in-situ oxygen delivery

SymbiOx has developed a platform for direct oxygenation of skin wounds. The first available product is a Dermal Regeneration Photosynthetic Matrix (DRPM, SymbiO-Derm) that provides physicians with a customizable next-generation tool for the treatment, functional restoration, and healing of wounds of different origin.

Competitive advantage

SymbiOx photosynthetic scaffold technology provides in-situ oxygen delivery as well as desired pro-regeneration molecules directly to the wound site. Our technology accelerates & improves significantly the wound healing activity, therefore playing an active role in the tissue regeneration process

Safety clinical study

In collaboration with our partners at Hospital del Salvador, we are currently conducting a safety study of our DRPM, which to date has shown excellent results. The clinical trial record can be reviewed at the webpage (NCT03960164).

Protected technology

IP granted: US9144589B2
Use of photosynthetic scaffolds in tissue engineering

Patent pending: US20160058861A1
Photosynthetic Cellular Substances and methods of use thereof